The Need for A Change

We live like everyone else. Well, almost, everyone is different. But for all intensive purposes the statement is true. For example: We eat what comes our way since I never sat down and planned menus too far in advance. For myself, I always let myself be carried by the flow.

And then, one day, without really knowing why, that changed. I woke up, I looked around and now, what I saw, I didn't like. Clutter breed from necessity and a desire for convenience over consideration. The company that I worked for, its operation, what is expected of us, I did not like it. So I decide to change, to redefine my scale, to see if there is anything else, another way of understanding the world. And? I think so. The Internet is a mine full of testimonials from people like me, who have chosen another life. It took me a long time to get up to speed. I read a lot, of everything, blogs, books, everything that fell before my eyes, I soaked up the information and evaluated it, I assimilated it. I also weighed the possibility that the people writing the text were nuts. There is always that chance. There is good information out there and there is, extreme, eco-new-age gurus, but I have always been good at filtering the bad apples and by finding the good ones I was able to arrive at what will be my new life. A simpler, healthier life.

Free of clutter and distractions.

I started noticing this desire years ago. First from afar, but I felt a real need for change in my life, to simplify things, to get back to the basics and to more human values. To return to myself. This sounds strange I know, but this is the right path for me, one that will also require a change of career, but I will come back to that (probably) later, because for now nothing is done.

In short, I will draw inspiration from various source such as minimalism, ecofrugality (did I just invent a new word?) and voluntary simplicity, in my case. I will share my journey from time to time, explore the implications that the stages of my journey have, my questions and everything that will compose my new life.

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