The De-cluttering My Inbox

As I explained here, I did a drastic sorting-out for my inbox to get rid of the dozens of newsletters and spam that cluttered it every day. I didn't think at the time that it would be a job that I would have to take renewed interest regularly.

How long did that last?

Yes, the spam is back. Not the same newsletters that I un-subscribed to or the addresses that I blocked, new ones…. So, again, I clicked wildly on "unsubscribe" or "block" and it seemed to work.

For now.

I also sort through the newsletters I want to receive. Some that interested me a few months ago are now deleted, because they would otherwise pile up. For example I subscribed to one some time ago that this emails me a daily TV guide. I don't watch straight TV any ─║onger so the guide was senseless. Be de-cluttering my inbox I have been able to sort through my interests, update them and have an email account more in tune with who I am.

It feels good.

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