How To Be Well Organized

Preparing for a new school year can seem like a lot of work. And in truth it is. There are so many things to pay attention to that staying focused can feel daunting. But organization is the key to success. Here are some tips that can help you stay on course.

Write nicely and make lots of notes!

One of my professors in college said that it is senseless to try and remember everything. Make a note and put the responsibility of remembering on the piece of paper.

Use a whole sheet of paper when you make a list. By utilizing a full sheet you can revise much more than with sheets crammed with notes and it helps you avoid mistakes. If you need to write quickly in class, rewrite your lessons when you get home in the evening or on weekends. Don't hesitate to add colors by highlighting the important things in the neon or by writing a headline with your favorite color.

Be creative and make it personal. It will be more memorable that way.

Post-its your new best friends

Yes I have often been called Mrs. Post-it, ever since I was about 13 years old I have stuck post-it notes everywhere for anything and everything.

Frankly it helped me a lot, I have a visual memory so the Post-it it has been a big help to me! And then they are so colorful. This can also be very useful when your calendar is filled with them. I organize tasks with specific colors. Once whatever is written on the Post-it is done I throw it away so that I know that it is done!

Find a nice place to review

It can be on your desk, in a park in the sun, in a library, or at a friend's house. A place where you feel good to work, either quiet or with a little music for example.

Buy yourself some nice supplies

Yes, okay, technically speaking you will not be more organized with nice notebooks but it's still much more motivating … Nice does not need to mean expensive. If you enjoy it however you will use it and we often have less reluctance to use items that are more affordable.

Save your class notes

It's so convenient! Just think about going back over the actual note that you took down in class. Whether you're in commute or even in your bathtub, you can review anywhere and no matter what time of day. This is a chance for you to relieve your courses, soon you will know them by heart!

I hope this article has helped you come to some ideas on how you can better organize your studies. For any questions please leave a comment!

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