Sorting Out My Makeup

I'm always wearing makeup. Since I turned fifteen and got the official allowance to start wearing it I have. There have been many phases to my makeup. When I am underway there is always a small kit in my purse. The kit is filled with various and varied makeup. Anyone that applies makeup on a regular basis knows that you quickly find yourself with a beautiful collection of eye shadows, glosses and other supplies.

Throughout all of this, I found that I mostly use it for a short time and then it would be put aside for another shade. With my new consumer conscious way of looking at things it is time to sort it out.

My methodology was as follows:

I kept:

  • Foundation and concealer
  • I changed my foundation, but I'm going to finish my current choice.
  • Blush
  • Black Pencil
  • Black Mascara
  • 1 basic eye shadow, 1 copper eye shadow, 2 large gold and silver eye pencils, which I use regularly
  • 1 pink gloss

I discarded:

  • 4 pencils
  • 3 gloss
  • 14 eye shadows (yes, 14, the figure scares me)

The bag got smaller and I realized that I needed a much smaller bag.

I tried to find a "responsible" way to get rid of all this, but I found nothing conclusive. Cosmetic products are a personal item and when they are already open and used you can't give them to people. I find their usage limited and it limits hygiene …. But the thought of throwing them out is much the worse.

When you have a reasonable way to share please let me know. For now I intend to keep it stored and use it as needed.

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