More on Waste Reduction

Today, I'm going to talk about producing less waste: Reducing, in other words.

I think that while recycling is one of the simplest points to understand, reducing is just as simple and it is easier (consuming is effort) to implement. Everything we own and consume is potentially a waste source, to have less waste, just own and consume less. This means that you have less to buy, less to transport, and you produce less waste. The volume is smaller.

How? We have a couple of clues to follow:

Assess your past consumption: Sort, declutter, vacuum, keep only what is really useful. What you need and what you use within a reasonable time fame. This may take time to achieve, the good things are worth working toward, take each object into your home and ask the question "does it have value" and "is it useful" to determine the usefulness of the object. This can also be applied to items that you bring into your home. Honestly, I found it funny because I didn't even know what some of the things were nor how they ended up in our home.

Restrict current and future consumption: Reduce purchases, reduce packaging by buying in bulk, reduce the use of your car, reduce paper consumption by printing only what is needed, etc.

Avoid activities that support consumption: Reduce exposure to media and advertising that drive you to buy things you don't need, reduce shopping trips where you buy thinks that are not on your list, and, in my case, reduce my frequency of visits to places like Amazon.

Reducing is, above all, becoming aware of what you are consuming and asking yourself if you could not change to adopt more responsible habits.

That's all for today!

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