The Real Winner

Who is the winner? What type of mentality do they possess when presented with a problem? Are they positive or negative?

In our culture we see the person who is loud, the one who demands attention for their achievements as the winner. But are they?

The real winner is someone who:

  1. thinks about the solutions while others think about the problem,
  2. helps others, while others hope for the help,
  3. sees a solution to every problem, while others sees a problem in each solution,
  4. pursues goals, while the loser pursues illusions,
  5. treats people the way they like to be treated, while the loser benefits from others.

To succeed, we must have the will and the faith to believe that success is possible, that we must only strengthen our ability to succeed. Many people miss their lives out of laziness; either they postpone it, or they give up at the first hurdle.

How does that look?

Just as we have identified several ways to spot the true winner we will look at a couple of points that will help you adopt this type of mindset.

They are simple and can be applied in your daily life:

  1. Think about success and be sure that you will achieve it,
  2. Be proud of yourself and your abilities,
  3. Understand that a great goal is no harder to achieve than a small one,
  4. Think creatively; regularly introduce something new into your life and don't let the routine paralyze the "spirit" in you,
  5. Study and learn from your mistakes,
  6. Persevere, don't let the obstacles stop you; on the contrary, if there are any, imagine a way to eliminate them.

And since the key to everything is to have a goal that you are passionate about, aim to awaken that passion in you. Identify the things that make you happy and set out goals for you to achieve them.

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